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Free To Choose – Milton Friedman on Economic Freedom

April 21, 2009

“I do not know any exception to the proposition, that if you compare like with like – the freer the system, the better off the ordinary poor people have been.”
– Milton Friedman

The late Nobel Peace Prize winning economist Milton Friedman created a great series on economic freedom called Free To Choose. It is lengthy (each segment is about 45 minutes), but thorough, and does a great job making the case for economic freedom. Whether or not you agree with all aspects of his theories – this series is a great asset for anyone who wishes to discuss economics and government.

If you don’t have time to sit and watch these videos, you can also simply listen to them while you work.

Each part begins with an introduction, and ends with a panel discussion on the topic presented:

Part 1: The Power of the Market

Part 2: The Tyranny of Control

Part 3: Freedom & Prosperity

I can’t find the other parts on Google Video, but you can watch Part 4: The Failure of Socialism, and Part 5: Created Equal at

UPDATE: I think that Part 3 and 4 are actually combined. I’m not certain about this – but as far as I can tell – this is the case. Feel free to leave a comment if you discover otherwise.


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