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The Free Market, Voluntary Trading, and The Pencil

March 19, 2009

Consider for a moment the total combined effort of free acting individuals that it takes to create a common pencil:

This is a good thing to keep in mind as we discuss ideas like Capitalism and Socialism. When you feel angry about rich and wealthy people – don’t forget that they don’t just stuff their money in mattresses (though they certainly are free to do so). They invest that money in businesses, buy houses, and build things. This investment employs a vast amount of talent from all sorts of people.

While some people with wealth may be motivated by greed – this does not justify jealousy, coveting, and the demonizing of all people with wealth (one of the foundations of Marxism). Nor does it justify stealing from those (by governmental force through unfair taxation) to redistribute that wealth to people who did not rightfully earn it. Remember – most people with wealth did not steal it. They offered a product or service that someone else valued more than their own dollars, and then chose voluntarily to trade for. If we wish to value freedom as a people, we have no right to then turn around and confiscate the property of the wealthy that they earned by trading fairly.

One of the foundational rights of a free people is the right to the wages of their own labors (more commonly referred to as the right to private property). This is the core of Capitalism. All other systems, in one from or another, deny private property, and end in collective slavery to the State (government coerced collectivism).

I will expand on these thoughts in part two of my study on Rejecting Socialism (be sure to read Part 1 Here, if you haven’t already). It is taking me a while to write, not only because I have been busy – but also because I want to make sure that I am thorough and fair. Be sure to keep checking back!

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